BC Junior Rankings 2nd Edition

DRIVE PG Gogy Kumanan has his Vancouver College Fighting Irish atop the Rankings

1) Vancouver College

Overview: Winners of Emerald classic, Oak bay Classic, Charles Best tournament and 4th place finishers at Drive Classic
Key wins:  Tweedsmuir, Kits, McMath, Burnaby South
Key Losses: SMUS, Churchill

Crystal Ball: Deepest team in the Province has shown Signs of Complete Domination and some let down still the team no one wants to be matched up
with come playoff time

2) Churchill

Overview: Winners of Drive Christmas Classic, John Oliver Jokers tournament
Key wins: VC, Tweedsmuir, Burnaby South
Key losses: WJ Mouat (twice)
Key Injuries:  Nathan Holz Out indefinetly

Crystal Ball: Team showed it could play without Big man Nathan Holz other players must step up to fill the void this team led by Mindy Minhas are serious challengers
to take that Vancouver title away from reigning champs Kitsilano


Overview: 3rd Place Finshers at REB in Edmonton
Key Wins:  Kits, Panorama
Key losses: None
Key roster addition: Tyus Allan

Crystal Ball: WRCA has yet to play a top team in the province but with the roster depth at hand their starting 5 is tough to match up with at all positions add in PG
Tyus Allan to the mix and WRCA should be a force in the Valley first real test RCMP tournament.

4) Kits

Overview: Kits Classic Champions, 2nd Place Charles Best tournament
Key Wins: Burnett, Churchill, Pitt
Key Losses: Burnaby South, VC

Crystal Ball: This team on some nights can shoot the other team right out of the gym there uptempo style and smooth shooting have kept them at the top of their league
and still one of the premier teams in the province despite the absence of last years MVP Luka Bazooka.

5) Wj Mouat

Overview:  2nd Place South Kamloops tournament, 3rd Place Drive christmas Classic, Abby Police tournament Champions, Mouat tournament Champions

Key wins: Churchill (Twice), VC, Enver Creek
Key Losses:  Lord Tweedsmuir, Pitt

Crystal Ball: This team has the size and the outside shooting to beat anyone on any given night when this team is hot they are extremely tough to beat look for them come playoffs


Overview: Winner of SMUS Playday

Key wins: VC, Oak Bay
Key Losses: Burnaby South

Crystal Ball: This team is a great shooting team and can really stroke the ball from the outside they lack an elite big man but have the guards to make up for it led by Mark Yorath smart squad don’t make many mistakes and really work hard as a unit look for them to continue to be the top team off the Island

7) Lord Tweedsmuir

Overview: 2nd place Drive Classic, 3rd Place Southridge Classic, 2nd Place Yale Tournament

Key wins: Mouat, St Georges, Lambrick Park, Enver Creek
Key Losses: Churchill, Yale

Crystal Ball: This team continues to impress a team with great scoring guards and tough team defines have become the Dark horse to win it all out of the Valley don’t sleep on this team or you will get burned could be the province’s hardest working team

8) Kelowna

Overview: 2nd Place finishers Emerald Tournament

Key wins: Oak Bay, Pitt
Key Losses: VC

Crystal Ball: This team will be the top team coming out of their region and will be the tough team to beat come provincials team proved they could play by beating a top team in Pitt Meadows and holding their own against Vancouver college This is a a team to keep an eye on.

9) Burnaby South

Overview: 5th Place Drive classic, 3rd Place Emerald Tournament

Key wins: VC, Kits, SMUS
Key Losses: Churchill, McMath

Crystal Ball: This young squad continues to show they can compete with the best of the best. They have had some very big wins as well as some suspect losses this team needs to develop consistency but they are showing the have what it takes to be near the top

10) McMath

Overview: Kwantlen Tournament Champions, Southridge Tournament Champions, 2nd Place Oak bay classic, McMath Wildcat classic Champions

Key wins: Burnett, Burnaby South
Key Losses: VC (twice), Lord Tweedsmuir

Crystal Ball: This uptempo team continues to work hard and have found a lot of early success after a meltdown at the Drive classic have really bounced back strong and hope to continue to move up the ladder and overtake Burnett as the City champions come playoff time.

HM: Burnettt , Pitt Meadows , Westsyde, Yale, Walnut Grove, Duchess Park


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